Enhancing your business with strategic advice and smarter services

Strategic advice, smarter services

Whether you are looking to support or build up your existing capabilities, or to outsource the entire company secretarial function, our value proposition goes far beyond financial benefits.

Our goal is to support your business with company secretarial and governance services in a way that frees you to focus on your commercial objectives, providing a robust function that provides effective peace of mind.

Bespoke services, flexible packages

We can take care of all your governance and compliance, or tailor our services to meet your needs.

Emerson CoSec can provide a named company secretary who undertakes all the secretarial tasks of an in-house company secretary. Alternatively, we can provide additional administrative secretarial support to an existing named company secretary. The choice is yours.

Whether it be assisting with individual processes or addressing all of your key risk areas, Emerson CoSec is a scalable business partner that effectively integrates into your compliance eco-system.


We work with listed and unlisted companies to help them meet obligations under the ASX Listing Rules and The Corporations Act

For a fraction of the cost of a full-time in-house company secretary, Emerson CoSec provides:

A ‘hands-on’ presence in your organisation

Company secretarial specialists with a wealth of corporate, commercial, and regulatory experience, across a range of industries

Quick and easy access to legal expertise, should legal matters arise

Commercial advice and assistance during key decision-making processes

Proactive risk management

“I could not have done all that work without Emerson CoSec, nor do I have the expertise that the team brings to the job.”
Michael Gayst, Zoom2u

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